The name of AS Rime Kinnisvara Vahendus changed to RE Kinnisvara AS

The business name of AS Rime Kinnisvara Vahendus has been changed to RE Kinnisvara AS. The new trademark has been officially used since March 2014. The company’s areas of activity remain the same. RE Kinnisvara AS has been operating in the real estate market since 1995.

“The main reasons for the adoption of a new name were the change in the ownership of the company and the need to avoid confusion stemming from the same name,” says Monica Meldo, Director of RE Kinnisvara AS. “Until today the trademark of Rime Kinnisvara was used by two companies – Rime Kinnisvara AS and Rime Kinnisvara Vahendus AS. The first one will continue its activities in the field of investment and real estate development. AS Rime Kinnisvara Vahendus, which is now called RE Kinnisvara AS, also proceeds with the services it has been offering until now – brokerage, appraisals and consultations. The name and trademark of Rime Kinnisvara AS do not change. There is no business connection between RE Kinnisvara AS and Rime Kinnisvara AS.”

Monica Meldo says that the new identity for RE Kinnisvara took about half a year to develop. “We also created a completely new visual concept to bring fresh life to the trademark and to the company at the same time. The registry code, location and phone numbers of RE Kinnisvara remain the same, homepage, however, can now be found at; “” at the end of e-mail addresses will be replaced with the abbreviated new trademark “”.”

RE Kinnisvara AS ( is one of the oldest real estate agencies in Estonia – established in 1995. Until 2014 the company operated under the name AS Rime Kinnisvara Vahendus. In its activities, RE Kinnisvara primarily focusses on quality, offering brokerage services, appraisals and consultations. The company employs 20 people.

Additional information:

Monica Meldo, Director of RE Kinnisvara AS

e-mail:, tel: +372 66 88 666