About RE Kinnisvara

Real estate is a valuable asset, it must be kept in good condition at all times, when purchasing, selling and leasing. RE Kinnisvara AS has been operating since 1995. Until 2014, the company operated under the trade mark Rime Kinnisvara Vahenduse AS.

We are one of the oldest real estate companies in Estonia. The quality of our service is secured by the expertise, knowhow and experience we have accumulated, both during the economic boom and during the recession. Our twenty experienced specialists know what must be done, why, and when, and are happy to share their expertise with you.

We know that in real estate, excessive optimism and scepticism do not guarantee success. In its activity, RE Kinnisvara relies on analysis and feelings based on experience, which are of critical importance when it comes to real estate. In addition to rational values it is important to also assess emotional values because often the latter are even more important. A balanced approach helps to avoid making major mistakes and failures.

RE Kinnisvara offers all property-related services, ranging from the carrying out of large-scale development projects in both business and residential property to brokerage and appraisal services – RE Kinnisvara AS is a full-service real estate office. We have extensive experiences in all business segments, which include:

  • Brokerage and appraising services of residential and business properties, from standard properties to large development projects;
  • development projects for residential properties;
  • investments in commercial property;

RE Kinnisvara AS is a cooperation partner of the Estonian Association of Appraisers, and cooperates with all banks and financial institutions in Estonia.